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10-16.5 BKT Tires Snow Trac R-4 E (10 Ply), 100%

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    Condition Notes
    Tread Depth Remaining 100%
    Chips/Chunking/Cuts None
    Road Wear None
    Weathering/Dry Rot None
    Stubble None
    Bead Damage, Bent or Chipped None
    Blistering-SW/Liner or Face None
    Casing Cracks None
    Repairs Completed None
    Warranty 2 Year Black Gold Warranty
    Mfg Date Code
    Required Product None

    The model guarantees excellent winter weather traction and hydroplaning resistance. The ideal tread design and the winter compound boost performance in colder conditions. The tread design is able to closely follow wet, snow, and icy roads. The winter compound keeps the rubber flexible in cold and freezing temperatures. Wide grooves prevent hydroplaning, as they disperse water and slush from below the footprint. The tread elements and special compound ensure the tire’s safe driving experience during winter conditions.

    • Winter performance
    • Improved load durability
    • Enhanced controllability
    Stock No. 94044009
    Brand BKT Tires
    Model/Style Snow Trac
    Tread Style (R-4) Agricultural Industrial Tractor
    Tire Size 10-16.5
    Rim Width 8.25"
    Preferred Rim
    RCI Group 29 (29.36" - 31.00")
    Casing Technology
    Casing Application
    Tire Compound
    Belt Construction
    Sidewall Style
    TT/TL (TL) Tubeless
    Weight 50.0
    Diameter 30.7
    Width 10.6
    Rolling Circumference 0.0
    Static Load Radius 14.1
    Flat Plate Area 0
    Tread Width 0.0
    Ply Rating E (10 Ply)
    Load Index/Speed Rating
    Load Limit Single 0 lbs / 0 kgs
    Load Limit Dual 0 lbs / 0 kgs
    Load Limit Triple 0 lbs / 0 kgs
    Max PSI 75

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